How I Attracted My Ideal Partner | Part One


Sladana Mitrovic
31 July 2015

I wish I could take back all the years I wasted dating the wrong men. I wish I had stopped contorting myself into something I thought was worth loving.
I say wasted because I had the impression that dating was meant to be hard.
I kept going down the same frustrating path of disappointing dates and devastating breakups for years, only to end up sad, exhausted and burned out.
Even though I had dated some really questionable men, my rock bottom didn’t come till I dated a man that was actually sweet and kind but for whom I, unfortunately, felt no attraction too.
He was so good to me and having just come from a 6-month stint with a psychologically abusive man I was desperate for kindness.
But here’s the thing I couldn’t date a man I felt sorry for either. While he was a lovely man he was also socially awkward, came across as very needy and lacked self-confidence.
I couldn’t imagine dating him and anytime he talked about marriage I would visibly cringe and I just couldn’t go on like this.
It was at this point that I had to say NO - enough was enough. So I broke up with him and set out to change my life for good.
I knew that after many many dates and a few steady boyfriends I had given dating a good go but I could no longer continue this exhausting dating cycle.
So I took a long and complete break from dating; I was determined to never date another wrong man again. I wanted to make myself happy first and would do whatever it took to make that happen. So I spent the next year or two alone becoming the happiest single I knew.
After some time of being happily single, I decided to see if I could attract my ideal partner into my life. I was so happy in my own single life that it actually no longer mattered if I ever met someone. But I still wanted to see if I could attract a wonderful man into my life.
It all began with some intense research on how to meet my ideal partner.
I discovered that there is A LOT of great information out there. So much great information in fact that I knew if I implemented it all it would lead me to the man of my dreams.
But the problem was none of this great information flowed together. It was all just too disjointed; there were no clear practical steps to follow to get to my desired destination.
So I sorted through all I learned about the Law of Attraction and turned it into practical everyday tools.
What I discovered was I could break it all down into manageable steps so I set about developing my own 3 step guide to follow that you can read right >>here!