Frequently Asked Questions


Is Free to Join?

No, members of pay a monthly membership to access the full site. Members of The Singles Sisterhood have complete access to our Resources, eCourses, Community Boards and Life Coaching in the Members Area.

What’s About?

Members come together from all walks of life to bond and share our life experiences in a supportive and meaningful environment.
We are a self-sufficient and strong community of women giving each other love and space to be vulnerable and imperfect. Our gentle community of women fosters positivity with a strong emphasis on support, love and life-long friendship.
We celebrate, inspire and offer hope to each other as one thriving online community of women.

Is a Dating Website?

No, there are lots of dating websites online; is not one of them. This is a relaxed Community where you are free to be yourself and discuss your single life journey. Everyone is equal here and able to freely discuss whatever they want without worrying about whether it might blow their chance of a date with someone.

Is a Women's Only Site?

Yes, it is. We created this site to give single women an online home just for them.

What are Board Topics?

These topic areas are a general guide for members to start their discussions. They cover a diverse range of topics which may change or alter over time. 

Can New Board Topics be Suggested by Site Members?

Yes, absolutely. We’re happy for members to make suggestions for new board topics at any time. Click here if you’d like to suggest a new Board Topic.

What are Posts?

Posts are discussions that are started by members within a Topic Area. Other site members will then reply to that post.
Members who wish to discuss something with the community can start a new post under the appropriate topic area that best suits their issue.

What Should I Do if I see an Inappropriate Post or Comment?

All posts and comments have a "flag" option. If you see a post or comment that directly violates our Terms and ConditionsCommunity Guidelines or Privacy Policy please Flag it immediately for our Moderators.

Can Posts be Seen by Non-Site Members?

No, only registered members can view and comment on the boards.

Can Posts be Deleted or Edited by Members?

Not at this stage. But you may contact our super fast admin to change major mistakes. Click here if you wish to have a post deleted or edited.

Oops, I Posted Something to Wrong Board?

No worries at all, just Click here and let admin know which board to move it to.

What Profile Names can I Use?

You are free to use your real name or any profile name available.

Forgot My Password

Please use this link Forgot My Password to reset your password. We do not store your passwords so please memorise it or write it down.

I'm Having Trouble Logging In

Please Contact Us and we’ll happily sort it out for you.

Can Site Members Send Each Other Private Messages?

Yes, they can. There is a chat option in your profile to connect with other members directly.

Is Swearing Allowed?

Yes, while we welcome self-expression, please refrain from swearing at other members or using profanity in post titles.

What Happens if I feel Bullied or Intimidated by another Site Member?

Bullying, criticism or harassment of any sort will not be tolerated at This site is intended to be a safe and supportive space. Any member who feels they have been treated unfairly by another member is encouraged to make a report to site moderators. Click here if you wish to make a report.

Are Posts Monitored?

Yes, they are by our moderators. But we won't be able to see everything, so we rely on our members to flag items that breach our Terms and Conditions or Community Guidelines.

Can I Unsubscribe from Newsletters and Updates?

You may unsubscribe from our newsletters or updates at any time by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of our emails.
We manage e-mail lists through a list management system. Unsubscribing from one list managed by us will not necessarily remove you from all publication email lists. If you have questions or are experiencing problems unsubscribing, please Contact Us.

I Wish to Cancel My Membership

We'll be sorry to see you go but you can delete your membership in the My Account section in your profile.

Do Moderators Comment and Post and How Do I Know who the Moderators Are?

Yes, they can comment and start new posts. You will know who the Moderators are by their profile name. You will get to know who the moderators are very quick. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, or in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, please Contact Us to ask us directly.

Do We Accept Collaborations and/or Content?

We are currently NOT accepting any new collaborations or outside content contributions.