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Please read these Community Guidelines carefully before posting on our Community Boards.
To keep this Website and our Community Boards united and supportive, please take a moment to read through these Community Guidelines. All members are required to follow the community guidelines below.
By browsing and using this Website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these Community Guidelines as well as our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy so please have a look at them as well.
Any posts that do not comply with these Community Guidelines will be removed, and repeat offenders may have their membership permanently terminated.

Respect Community is a safe, fun, supportive and empowering site for single women. This is the place to come together for global friendship and to give each other strength and lots of tender loving care.
Our aim is to build Community where everyone is free to share and post information about their experiences as a single in a safe environment where they feel comfortable and respected.
Please note that this is not a dating website. It is not intended for the purpose of facilitating the development of dating relationships; but rather, a supportive community for single women who are seeking community, support, advice, friendship, and knowledge as they navigate life the single life.
We encourage love and respect for each member – and for our community as a whole. We encourage our members to self-moderate the Community Boards and to help keep this a loving, supportive, and positive site!

Profile Name Creation, Avatar, and Account Usage

Please select a Profile Name that respects your privacy but you may use your real name if you wish.
Members are welcome and encouraged to use a photo for their Profile Avatar. These photos must be appropriate for public viewing and may not include nudity or otherwise inappropriate images, as solely determined by We reserve the right to ask you to change your Avatar if it is inappropriate.

Appropriate Use of Photos and Images

Please use photos legally, appropriately and with proper discretion. You are not permitted to use photos on the Community Boards of individuals who are not aware that you are posting their images. Stock photos, advertisements, and inspiration photos are acceptable, provided you have purchased or obtained the legal right to use them and you are not engaging in copyright infringement. Please post a link for attribution.  If you are not certain whether you have permission to use a photo or image, please ask the photographer or publisher prior to using it and obtain the appropriate rights.

Inclusivity and No Discrimination - We Are All One

There is no room for any form of hate towards another member here. Please be respectful of other member’s opinions and beliefs. Not everyone has a thick skin. We encourage free speech and debate but we do not permit attacks or demeans of any sort especially based on race or ethnic origin, disability, age, gender identity, religion or sexual orientation/gender identity. We are all in this together!
You are not permitted to send, post, use or add in any way material or content that is illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent, harmful, defamatory, obscene or menacing, threatening, defamatory, objectionable, or in any other way harmful, offensive, or disrespectful of any other person or that would cause them emotional and/or psychological harm.

No Name-Calling or Insults

We recognize that our community members come from many backgrounds and have many different viewpoints.  It is inevitable that from time to time members may have differences of opinion but does not hold space for petty arguments, name-calling and judgment. 
We do not allow posts or comments that are intended to be rude or sarcastic; your tone of voice, sarcasm or humour doesn’t always translate well online. There is no need to shout at another member by using ALL CAPS to put your message across.
We do not tolerate posts or comments that include name-calling, insulting, berating, argumentative, condescending, personally attacking, criticising, mocking, or otherwise disparaging others’ lifestyles or personal choices. We reserve the right to remove all such posts and comments as necessary.
We strongly recommend that you self-regulate and offer instead understanding, kindness and patience. Hate only breads Hate.

No Harassment has zero tolerance for any form of stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy or any other form of behaviour that could be deemed as harassment.
Should it become evident that you or someone else participating on the Boards is acting in a way that could be perceived as harassment, reserves its right to remove posts and comments, block a member from further participation, and/or take legal action, if needed.

No Inappropriate Swearing

Swearing and the use of curse words in your posts about your own experiences is allowed as a form of self-expression. However, swearing at other members or using profanity in post titles is forbidden and will not be tolerated.

No Baiting, Trolling or Creating Drama

Please refrain from baiting. Baiting is the act of creating drama, encouraging responses or replies in order to cause dissent or discord or to instigate participation in a negative way. This includes “last wording” or refusing to let an argument go.  “Trolling” or posting solely to create drama or conflict for, our members, or anyone participating in this community, is not tolerated.
Keep in mind the impact that your comments may have on the real person behind the Profile Name. Tough love is permissible, but let’s not use it as an excuse to criticise one another. There are plenty of other sites out there where one can flex their judgmental muscle; this is not one of them.

No Post-Jacking

Please do not engage in Post-Jacking.  Be courteous of post topics that have been started by someone else, and focus on the original question or discussion.  If you would like to start a new discussion about a subject tangential to a post, please start a new post to pursue it.

No Reposting of Private Messages

Confidentiality between and among our members is important and needs to be respected.
 If someone sends you a Private Message (Chat), please do not repost the Chat on the Community Boards and do not share Chat's with other members without permission from the original sender. Private Messages (Chats) are sent privately with the intention of remaining private.

No Disparagement

Members come and go from the Community Boards, but please refrain from using “flounce” posts which are final posts criticising or its members that are written to stir up drama. Please do not link to or reference other discussion boards with the intent to disparage our or their members, content, or staff.

No Self-Promotion or Business Promotion

Posts and comments are to remain free of any form of self-promotion or business promotion. You may not create links to your websites, blogs or other business ventures that may afford you tangible financial gain. This includes online petitions or fundraising for charity. 
This site is not to be used for market research or any other information-gathering for personal gain. You are also not permitted to sell, promote, or market your own business in any way, including by promoting links to sales pages or affiliate programs for your own or for another’s business if that link will financially benefit you in some way, unless you have received advance written permission from
Exceptions may be made for specific businesses we have invited to be our partners in some capacity. If so, express advance full permission will be granted to only those partners by

Respect for Staff and Moderators Staff and Site Moderators share their time, effort, and expertise with our community, and they work hard to create a fun, helpful, and supportive experience for all of our members. We welcome discussion about our policies, but opinions and statements about individual Staff Members, Moderators, or moderation decisions should be sent to by private message and not expressed in posts or comments. We expect you to treat our Staff and Moderators with the same respect as other members, as all of these same Community Guidelines apply to them as well.

Flagging Posts

We encourage members to use the "Flag" feature to provide feedback to the staff. Comments that clearly violate the terms of these Commenting Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy may be edited or removed by Staff as necessary. If you find a post or comment that goes against our Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions, please report it to
When the number of flags on a post exceeds the volume that our Staff is available to handle at that moment, and we determine that content on one or more posts contains multiple issues that need to be addressed in a manner that can’t be accomplished in live-time, the post will be removed from the site until adequate moderation of the post can occur. When a post is removed from the site, a closed post with an identical topic name to the original topic (“placeholder post”) will be posted publicly to the boards, with a note from admin that the post has been taken down off the site for review and will return when adequate moderation of the flagged posts has occurred.
The post may return either as an open or closed post, depending on whether the discussion has stayed on course of its intended/original topic or not. Any new posts generated for the sole purpose of discussing the moderated post that has been pulled down for review will be closed and/or removed, with a reference to the “placeholder post” added before closure/removal.”

Grounds for Removal

There are times when a member remains unresponsive to our requests to abide by these Community Guidelines, our Terms and Conditions and/or our Privacy Policy. When this occurs it may become necessary for a member to be removed from the community and not permitted to return. Please be sure to read through the Terms and Conditions an Privacy Policy as well as these Community Guidelines, as you are required to comply with them or we reserve the right to block, remove and ban a member from participating through our website, on the Community Boards and/or otherwise in the community.

 If you have any questions, please Contact Us.